Your Financial Freedom

I believe that this page is the most important page on this website. 

It may have something to do with my main value being Freedom, I do not know, however if one has the Financial Freedom that is in tune with one’s highest core values, everything else will fall into place.  For example, if your highest core value is doing good things for other people whether it is your family, friends or a community contribution, if you have personal financial freedom you can devote time, attention and if it is applicable, money, for others.

How does it feel to have lack of Financial Freedom?

It feels disgusting!   I can remember desperately trying to find a $2 coin in order that I could pay the highway toll to get to the City – yes, a lousy $2 and I did not have it.   I vowed then that I would stop this pain.

The painful Limiting Belief !   What Limiting Belief do you have?

It was just weird, I could make lots of money.  I always worked very hard and what I would consider smart, so I had great income.   When I started my business, working 100 hrs a week, no holidays, my income grew and grew, I was good as what I did and it paid off.   I had a good lifestyle, but I did not really overspend on much.   Others were buying Porche cars in those days, I did not, I had a nice car, a nice home, but I always seemed to be just letting money go.  I was sponsoring lots of children in overseas missions, I gave to every charity I could, I was generous, in fact over generous.   Was I just a very kind person!!    No, I was selfish, I was doing all this contribution for myself………….

I was, only a few years ago, at a seminar and a speaker was a psychologist, Paul Blackburn, he raised some interesting concepts and then………

Like a Lightening Bolt!

it came to me……………..

When I was around seven years old, a boy of a similar age was kidnapped in my city.   I remember my parents saying how horrible it was, as this little boy was missing for weeks………..I remember thinking he would be cold and hungry and crying for his parents.    Part of my parents conversation that I heard many times over, was that the parents of the missing child had won the lottery and that is why the kidnappers had chosen this child to abduct.   Over and over again I heard “what a shame his parents won that lottery, if they had not have won that money, that little boy would not have been taken”.     After a long drawn out series of sad events, such as finding a blanket with the child’s dog hairs on it in the boot of a car, the body of the child was found in the bush of a park, he had been smothered.  Then my parents were saying “if his parents had not have won that money, that little boy would be alive”.    

I was shocked to find that I associated too much money with death.   What a limiting belief.

I was therefore able to earn money and have a thriving business up to a certain value, which I think was probably $1 million, and then I needed to do everything possible to start divesting myself urgently of any money.

How did I overcome this Very Limiting Believe that affected my life for years…………………More later