Yes, Your Life is Perfect – forget addictions, forget depression, forget sadness, forget loneliness!

by Sharyn on August 14, 2010

I can honestly say that since I have understood and implemented the philosophies taught by my Teachers, I do see my life as being completely perfect.   

Horrible Bad Habits!   How I got rid of them

I used to smoke cigarettes and found it so hard to stop completely no matter how hard I tried;  I used to long to arrive home from the office for my scotch, or glass of wine…..not good.  I told myself that it was my form of relaxation and I deserved it, but the glass of wine was with a cigarette, then I would think, just one more.   It is so great that now I have so many other choices that are empowering and keep my life in the space that I want and love.    Did you know that any alcohol can be depressive?  this can lead to feeling lonely, leads to feeling sad……..and on it goes.   Now that I am in this space, I just cannot do anything that is not in my very best interest.   This sounds selfish, but it is not, just imagine how great this is for my relationships.    And my finances have never been better, from a place of needing to spend to satisfy my corrosive values.  Now I am in a place where money works for me in keeping with my new values and I so enjoy my financial freedom – it is great.

Since I started with these great philosophies, it has lead to a course of thinking and then a course of actions that keep me in my ‘goal groove’.  I can work longer, I think better, I am more positive, happy and excited about every day, in fact every minute.  As well I have more free time and find it easy to relax and just have fun.

This has lead to the beaut time I am having at the moment……….

The dream I am living

It has always been a dream of mine to live in the country, having been a city girl all my life. 

On Monday 16 August, I finalise the legals to buy my new home in Orange, which is on the Central Tablelands of New South Wales (my State in Australia).   Orange is about four hours dive from the nearest main capital city, being Sydney.  It is a gorgeous place, and it is fulfilling the dream I have had now for so many years, a dream that I would not have believed would have come true.   And this is a dream that would not have come true without my working on getting this outcome through my training to empowering knowledge and experience.     It is also fantastic that my new house has a totally separate office complete with its own kitchen, toilet, computer and TV connections, aircon, and everything one would want in a great office space, even getting the sun streaming through the windows.   This is something I had not even thought of, so my dreams come true before I even know it is what I want.

I have just bought a new car for my country travels.  I still intend to visit the northern beaches of Sydney where I live now as I also love this place, the surf, the sun, my friends and I will come to Sydney to go to the theatre with my friend Annabella, we have had a subscription to our favourite Theatre for many years.   The new car is baby blue Honda Civic Sports, and I just love it.  I also will keep my MGB sports roadster convertible, I have had her for well….many years!  Her name is Rebecca and she will be my spare car, I will love driving her in the country with the top down, and great news yesterday, that there is an MGB sports car club in Orange, so I can cruise with likeminded sports car enthusiasts.

One problem………I have not told the cats we are moving yet!!   Budapest and Sydeney will not be happy!   Although there is a great garden in the new house for them, and lots of new exploring to do.

What Dreams are You wanting to Achieve?  Are you on the way?

I would love to hear how you are going in your dreams and if there are any obstacles that are getting in your road.   Maybe I can help from my own experience.   Your email will be personally answered.

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