Yes, Happiness can make you Money – Are you doing things backwards?

by Sharyn on February 14, 2011

People are realising that the fact they do not have more money is just not their fault – it is all in the human mind and brain wiring.   I am always shocked to hear about wonderful people who still have nothing to show after years of working hard  – I know how they feel, I used to be the same.   Thank goodness I was able to break the pattern.   

Also, so many people have admitted that they have little money management in their life!  Gee, I am glad I started on a course of action to get myself in great financial shape.  I so want to have this happen for everyone, particularly when it is so doable.

We shall try to give an overview in the next postings of the areas one needs to consider to get rich and in such a way that awesome happiness is the ultimate target.

Interestingly, money will not make you happy, but being happy will make you money!! 

Is this a shock?   Yes, most of us go through life doing things backward.    There is a load of evidence that money will not make you happy, and we will not go into this here due to time restrictions.  But the reverse is true.

People who are happy and generally in a good mood are more likely to:

  • learn new skills,
  • see things in a broader context and see the big picture,
  • think of creative solutions to challenges,
  • follow through with actions for what they want,
  • to work well with other people,
  • to persist instead of giving up.

These are all ingredients in the recipe for how to make more money – there are a few more ingredients, however without the above your success to get rich will be made so much harder.

A study of nearly 300 workers at three US companies found that the happier they were, the higher their salaries were eighteen months later.  CEOs who are more cheerful are more likely to have more productive workers who generate higher profits.  And day traders who stay in a good mood regardless of whether they made or lost money tend to earn higher returns over time.

Neuroscientist Richard Davidson has also found that people with greater activity in the left prefrontal cortex – one of the main areas where the brain seems to generate happiness – produce more antibodies after a flu shot, suggesting that their immune systems are stronger.

Are you surprised?  The happier you are, the more money you are likely to have, and the longer and healthier your life will probably be.  

A sad thing is that this relates to personal happiness –  there are some very rich people who do not care if everyone around them is miserable; they are happy though and although they get rich, there are other issues they will need to deal with in their life.  Also there are actually people who get happy and rich on the misery of others!  Do not discount the importance of Karma.

Your Action Step 1:    If you want to have more money, consider if something is affecting your happiness?  Is it in your environment, work or home?  Is it people, business or personal?   Is it your attitude?   Know that if you have challenges with the first two, it is likely that this is caused by the third or your lack of taking control of your life!    You have the power to change your attitude, do this first by taking control, then work on solving the issues of the other two.   If you do not – how can you hope to change your financial situation!!!!!    Is there something that would really make you happy? take planned and thought out action to achieve this.

We will continue with further steps in future postings.  We also look at what else you need to do to be Rich, and in the next article – how to Get Lucky for both money and happiness.

Here’s to your Awesome Happiness,


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