What is Your Style?

What is style.  Is it beauty?  Is it good grooming?  Is it great hair?  Is it nice clothes?  Is it well cared for skin?  Is it good health?  Is it a toned body?  Is it a great smile?  Is it a nice nature?  Is it good manners?

It is all of these things, but more it is these things all adapted to you!   So what is your style?    Again it is the ‘old’ story we constantly repeat to you, what are your highest VALUES?   Develop your style to suit your values.

The easiest way to explain this is for me to use myself as an example.   My highest values are freedom, adventure, meeting my commitments, having a great business or career, honesty and integrity.  So you can see from this, I would not be thrilled with the latest heels that made my feet suffer, fussy frilly clothes or a beauty regime that took too much time.    I like a style that gives me freedom and allows me to race into an adventure at the drop of a hat.   In fact I struggle to get dressed up at all as I would prefer to spend the time doing something that I consider valuable to me or someone else.  So my wardrobe is made up of casual clothes and business clothes.   I am fully aware of how I dress for a business meeting, and for an appointment whether it is important or not, I go to a lot of trouble to dress suitably, with full makeup and hair, matching accessories, and I do whatever I can to suitably impress.   This care I have taken for my career has very much helped me.  I do believe that over my long career, I have had more opportunities than many other women who have not bothered about their style.  I have also had advantages in career over men at times.  I remember being at a Christmas Party hosted by the supplier of concrete to my business, a very major company, and wearing a stunning black dress with a quite low back (that’s right, back, not front which would have been inappropriate), and being fully aware that I was very much noticed in this large crowd of builders and developers.   My behaviour was of course deliberately understated, and I was fully aware that I was making an impression in order that I would be remembered for future business opportunities.

Do Not be Lazy with your Appearance!

As one gets older it is so easy to fall into not taking care to look great, and you can look great with very little cost at any time in your lifetime, from very young to the wisdom of age.  It is all down to knowing your values and therefore your style, whilst exercising careful, selected and minimal spending on clothes, makeup and hair, only ever dressing to your own comfort and feeling good….this makes you look good.  Being happy, healthy, and of course shiny and clean at all times is very much part of showing off your great style.

Having style will not take time, in fact it will save time, as you will only have things to chose from in your wardrobe that will suit you and will be co-ordinated with each other.  Your makeup will be quick and easy to do, if that is what you want, and your hair can be drip dry if you want.

Of course, it helps to know how to chose great clothes and find the right shops for you; it also helps to know how to do your makeup to suit you at any stage of your life;  they say hair is the crowning glory, and it is, nothing is worse than bad hair that does not suit you, or is ratty or mousey.

We will be posting on this site more for you to have fun with your style, tips and tricks, and what you can do to make a statement whereever you go.

All women are beautiful, you must feel beautiful and if you feel beautiful, then for YOURSELF (not others) you will have the Style and Glamour that lives up to your VALUES.  

Watch for more information to get you those compliments from work and from home!