What is it that you must have now? And how to get it!

by Sharyn on October 4, 2010

There are so many things that you might want, but what single thing stands out to you as being something that if you got it, you could truly say it would give you awesome happiness?

Everything is achievable.  Of course, it should be good for you, your spirit and your soul, and must not be a bad thing for any other person, that is something that will deliberately harm another.

Now that I have achieved my dream and created my perfect lifestyle in this just wonderful place, I am so keen to do everything I can to have others achieve their dream, goal and success.

You should never cease to work to improve your life, I know I will not.  What is your next dream to fulfill, can you be happier than you are now, how much happier would you be if you achieved this dream.

It does not matter if your dream is to improve your life in a relationship issue, in your financial situation, in your health and style, or in career or your business, the process is the same.  That is the first important issue, to know the process you will undertake.  You will need to give this process your energy (preferably with as much passion as you can muster), your persistence (defeat is not an option), and plenty of variability.   This last thing is very important.  When I was selling my previous home towards achieving my dream to live in my new favorite place, I was persistent to sell at my price, and it was very irritating that the property agents I selected were not doing a good job, however I was prepared to keep trying every possible way I could find to sell my house.   It took seven long months.  I finally sold it myself with the help from a very good online marketing company, saving me a lot of money in agency fees but also achieving my price.

The Process to Get What You Want? – This is how to get it!

7 Step Process to Achievement of Your Success and to Awesome Happiness

Step 1:              The process needs more explanation than we can cover here, but to get started, answer the question in the first paragraph.    What is the one thing that will improve your life to such an extent that you will wake up in the morning after you have achieved this and you will think you are in heaven.  That is what I mean by awesome happiness.   The bigger the goal the more happiness you will experience when you achieve it, however it must be achievable.    This is a bit of a balancing act, but remember make it big but achievable.   Some people make goals that are just too big that they cannot retain the passion to achieve them; these people would be better to break the goal down to bite size achievable goals.  While others make baby dreams that are not challenging or exciting enough to put their energy into the achievement. 

More on the Steps in our next Article…………

Here’s to your Awesome Happiness.



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