We can take One only Coaching Client

by Sharyn on October 28, 2010

We have an opening for One Coaching Client, whom I will coach personally to Improve Your Life to the Success and Happiness you want in your Life.  

We do not often have these openings as I personally take very few clients, and usually people who are referred to me through other clients, or from my property development or trading businesses.

It has been so thrilling though, that we have received such great comments from our free email subscribers, also comments on the website have been massive.  In fact, we apologise if we have not put your post up as it is hard to keep up with the approval process, which is important as there is just so much spam also. 

You, our subscribers, are also telling me how you are not getting the Life you Want, and I find it so sad and painful that this is happening.

I have therefore decided to take one coaching client from our subscribers or regular website readers following a free consulting with subscribers.  As you can imagine, it is so important that we only coach those people who can get the Success they want, are prepared to make the Decision to have the Lifestyle that is important to them, and to get to a State of Awesome Happiness.   Improve Your Life – go to the next Stage.

You are welcome to have a free consulting and then we can each decide whether there is a good connect between us and whether it is going to be in your best interests to have a coaching program.

We are happy to receive an email from you for a free consulting or just to hear where you are at in Your Life.

Here’s to Your Awesome Happiness,


Improve your Life Academy


By the way, if you do not want to have a free consultation at this stage but you do want more personalised information emailed to you – Click the Box on the Top Right and we will put you on our free subscription email to receive information to Improve Your Life for Success in relationships, finance, career and business.


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