Unleash Your Entrepreneural Power – Part 1

by Sharyn on July 7, 2010

It was a great pleasure to attend an evening to hear Dr John Demartini discuss this subject.    At first it seemed the discussion was going to be business based, however it was then clear that this discussion applied to improving your life, as well as finances, and in fact should be considered in all areas of one’s life.   As usual, Dr Demartini covers so much in a short time, so here we deal with Part 1.

Are you a leader and if not – become one with these thoughts?

Most people seek ease.  Leaders do not want ease or for that matter much support, they want challenge, and this is why they live exciting lives.   It is worth noting that support can make people dependent, whereas challenge will promote independence.  This is a good thing to remember if you are raising children.   Also it is important if you are managing staff.      So it is just as important to consider this im managing yourself and living your life.

Leaders are inspired and will inspire others.   This comes from leaders setting goals to their highest value – read our Free Report to ascertain what your hierarchy of values is, this is so important to know for all areas of your life, including your financial freedom.   It was interesting that Dr Demartini pointed out that when people set goals to their lowest value they quite often also develop addictive behaviours.    If it is “too easy” people can fall into this trap.  This is something I intend to follow up with more research.    Another interesting point he made was that we are designed to receive and broadcast information; this is another interesting point when we consider developing great relationships, as this is really what good communication is about.   Again when one considers other areas of one’s life, this is very relevant, for example leadership in running a business.

You must get what you deserve!

It is also important in all areas of your life, and particularly your business life, to balance service with reward.    Any inbalance in these in any area of your life will create an imbalance and this is so negative for all concerned.   Many people do not feel comfortable asking for what they believe is their due reward.  This will cause negative feelings and responses as they start to feel they are not being fairly treated.   On the other hand it is pretty clear that if more reward is being sought for the service given, people will wake up to this and look for a better ‘priced’ service.   It is interesting that very often you will be more respected if you ask for the value of your true worth.   

The quality of your life = The quality of your questions

We shall expand further on this in the next post and go through the questions that you should ask in order to develop an entrepreneurial life and if you want an entrepreneurial business.   We will also expand on values and how you can become a leader and more of Dr Demartini’s concepts in Part 2.


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