Secrets to Wealth – more money with happiness and fulfillment?

by Sharyn on January 20, 2011

There are three components critical to getting wealth:

1)    Your value to others – if you do a service that others value, they will pay you for it, and the more people that value it the more you will receive – also the higher the perception of the value of the product the more people will pay you.

2)    Your value to yourself – your self worth is critical to you keeping the money that your service gives you.  Without this value on your self worth, the money will not stay with you.

3)    Your value of the medium of exchange, ie cash, money.  Money is only a medium of fair exchange between talents of individuals.  It in fact balances the exchange of these talents in time and in value.

We are in this article dealing with item 2).   

Whoever values themselves will spend wisely and invest wisely the money they receive.   Money will end up with the people who value themselves and who value money.  People who feel unworthy will not keep their  money.   If you do not value money, it will leave you and go to people who do value it.   So if you do not value money, you had better start working with us in Improve Your Life Academy, so you change this very limiting pattern.

What is also awful, is that if you do not handle money wisely, you will need to work for it all your life and it will control your life.    So you have given your money to a total stranger, or worse, to someone you do not like, and you then have to go through the hassle of working even harder only to give it away again.   This is insanity, and that definition is doing the same thing and expecting a different outcome!    Do not let money control your life.  You must learn how to control the money in your life.

You will know of many people who build up great fortunes with their talents, only to have this fortune leave them due to poor investments, lavish spending, or other means that they seem to have tried to get rid of the money.  This comes from them not being fulfilled in their life, not having a high value on themselves and not having a high value on money.   Sometimes those people have to continue working, even when they are old and beyond it.  So sad, people will feel sorry for them and say they are ‘over the hill’.

You owe it to yourself to want to be wealthy, therefore you need to work on knowing and appreciating your value.   This is totally within your control.     You will not be fulfilled and happy unless you have self worth, so this is something really worth achieving. 

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