Secret to Success? There is NO secret!

by Sharyn on February 1, 2011

What people will do to market a product!   Secret to this…., Secret to that….!  It does get irritating after a while.  I must admit to falling into the trap a few times, and I really was thinking there was some sort of secret, but there is not.   It is just unfortunate so many people do not do the personal development to give them the information that makes life so easy, and makes it so easy to be happy just about all the time.

There are essential ingredients to anything.   If you are making bread, there are essential ingredients, and you need to put them together in a certain way, that is quantity, order, whipping in certain places.  The same thing applies to get rich, or to be happy.

So, success, what are the ingredients.  Firstly you need to know what it is you want success in, and be fairly precise.   Be careful of having a goal that is really a wish.   There is a lot of talk about having a very precise goal, writing it down, having it very specific to the nth degree.   Personally this does not work for me, what does?

I make a decision.   My decision at the start of this year was “I have written and promoted a book that will give good value to everyone who reads it, and will give tremendous value to those who not only read it but also put its strategies into action to “get rich and have awesome happiness“.     One can be rich and one does not necessarily need to be happy, but there is not much point to this.   If one wants to be happy, my experience is that to be rich at the same time adds to the joy of happiness as it allows you to have so much more freedom to do things for yourself and others.   There is a fine balance, I have lived through these challenges, let my experiences help you to get this success the easy way!

I have a strategy to implement my decision.    The general outline of this strategy is:

1)    Network and research, know my clients and readers as well as I know myself, have the right mentors and coaches in my own life and in my book production.

2)   To take massive action, be totally focused on getting the results I want, and to not stop until I get those results.

3)   To overcome any blockage or any procrastination.

4)   Plan the strategy, prepare procedure and timeline, allow flexibility.

5)   Reality check – be real, stay real.

So it is coming soon “How to get rich and be happy……….How to be happy and get rich”

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