Relax Into Life

by Sharyn on October 25, 2010

We have been talking a lot about goals, dream goals, and how to achieve them.

We shall now take a break and relax.   The most important part about life is to take time out.  I have this planned now in my diary.  This comes from being so enthusastic about and just loving the work I do, that it is so easy to get hung up on it and never stop.

You must enjoy your spiritual experience as well as your physical experience in this life.

We cannot achieve what we want unless we are relaxed about it.   There must be no attachment to any desired outcome.  

Everything is Perfect

Remember everything is perfect, so if something does not work out the way you thought it would, let it go.  Your desired outcome must have been wrong and something better is going to happen.

Even if what happens seems awful at first, remember a challenge can break us open so we we can have a better experience. 

A rosebud must break open to release the rose.

Sometimes you need to break down in order to break open.

In tough times, ask yourself the question, “What does this teach me”

Another revealing question might be “What did I do to create the mess I am in” and once you have the answer, let it go – just like dropping a pencil from your hand, release the answer you have just given, and respond “Everything is Perfect”. 

Life will reveal the answer just as the rosebud reveals the rose.

Be gentle with yourself and Relax into Life

Here’s to your Awesome Happiness


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