Oprah in Australia, Tony Robbins too – What did Tony say?

by Sharyn on September 14, 2010

Such exciting news for us all in The Land Down Under – Oprah is bringing her audience! to Australia, and in John Travolta’s Jet – gee this lady thinks big!   Australia is big, so I am sure Oprah will feel very much at home in the eight days she is here.

Go Oprah, and Love Australia

I have just been on the Oprah site, she has some great information on Australia, gorgeous photos of some of our landmarks.  Of course I have booked in for tickets, how amazing it would be to actually get tickets for the Show, although I will not hold my breath. 

‘Something to Think About’  Anthony Robbins

It was also a rather exciting weekend;  I enjoyed a two day seminar which included four hours of Tony Robbins, he was magnificent.  He has much the same material, but his delivery is excitimg.  Also enjoyed a couple of hours with Richard Branson, he is so delightfully unassuming, in fact came across as shy.  It was interesting though, as when talking about how his company Virgin Airlines was being badly treated by Australian Regulators, one could see the determination, and this unassuming man showed he would dig his heels with strong beliefs in his ’cause’.   Good on him, I hope he succeeds against the stupid unfair rules which favor the big companies.   His main thrust was to always see the best in people and situations.

It was also great at the Seminar to have some very interesting Aussie speakers, three were very impressive, Mark Bouris, Simon Reynolds, and Kerwin Rae – you will find them all on a google search.  

The audience was very taken with Mark Bouris, it was great that he was enthusiastic about the economy and showed enthusiasm for positive thoughts and actions to get us through what can be stressful times for some.   Something which I found really interesting was hearing from him the possible philosophies behind the Wizard of Oz.   Did you know that this story was written around 1893, and was at a time in the US when there was a very bad recession, in fact they called it the panic recession (maybe depicted by the cyclone in Oz).   Silver was the currency of the day, and gold was being mined and about to be come the currency (yellow brick road), the ‘oz’ in wizard of oz depicting an ounce of gold, while Dorothy originally wore silver shoes walking toward the Emerald City (greenback).  The scarecrow stood for the farmers who lacked ‘backbone’, the tin man was the “without a heart” mining magnates, and the lion was the lacking in courage politicians.  Dorothy stood for the ordinary man (American People) who were needed to take the nation forward.   There are some really interesting stories about Toto, Dorothy’s dog.    It was a very interesting slant on the story and the panic recession of that time relating to the economic situation today, is it all that different?

Improve Your Life – How?

From the Improve Your Life Academy, we cannot emphasise enough the importance of getting to as many seminars or webinars as possible, not only for learning new information but also for reinforcing what you already know and for the opportunity to hear what others have to say, particularly when they are top of their own tree.    In between time, read, read and read some more. 

If anyone would like a copy of my notes from the weekend (I did some comprehensive notes of the Anthony Robbins session) let me know in the comments below and I will send them to you.  Don’t forget your email address.

Here’s to Your Awesome Success,



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