More Money, More Life

by Sharyn on January 6, 2011

Many people would not agree with our title “More money, more life”.   It is however a fact of life in our current society, that having a comfortable income is essential to having a comfortable life.   It also stands to reason that to have your Ideal Life, you need the income commensurate with achieving that Ideal Life.     An Ideal Life is not funded on credit, in fact in any Ideal Life, there needs to be a healthy surplus of income the ideal amount of which is depended upon your thoughts and feelings for security and investment and spare money for adventures and just spontaneous fun.

7 Steps to Getting the Income for your Ideal Life

These steps sound very boring to many, and maybe they are, but they are the foundation to get to your Ideal Life with More Money and More Life.   You might even say, of course I need to know this, but have you put pen to paper – this is a very important step to getting your Ideal Life, not just knowing this but doing the exercise and working through the process.

  1. Know what it means to have Your Ideal Life – what are your goals, achievements and objectives – What Do You Really Want .   Be prepared to make these Decisions that you will put everything you have into achieving;
  2. How much extra annual income do you need to fund the  Decisions towards your Ideal Life – how much do the things you want in Item 1. cost you in $ terms;
  3. What is your current annual income (presuming this remains valid for the next year – if not vary it accordingly);
  4. How much will need to spend annually on your general expenses, base this on what is it costing you now to live?
  5. What is the difference between Item 3. and Item 4?    Hopefully your income is more than your expenses ie a surplus!
  6. From the amount in 2. above, deduct the surplus in 5. and this is the amount of money you need to increase your annual income.
  7. You can either decrease your expenses, or increase your annual income, but unless you do this you cannot support your Ideal Life in this form.   Do not compromise, get working on decreasing the expenses AND increasing the income, both are achievable!!

Everything, yes everything, is achievable if you are, after doing this exercise, prepared to make the Decisions you need to make towards your Ideal Life.   You are not making a Decision that is not thought through.   You have the cold hard facts and you are still prepared to move forward. 

You can achieve what you want.   I know, I have achieved everything I have wanted (including making $million plus) when I have worked through the process.   I might add, you still need the process even if you do not need more direct money for your Ideal Life, as you might need more time and then you will need more money to give you more time – more on how to do this later.

The rest is easy……….you just have to follow our soon to be released video which will give your a specific Strategy and Process.   If you would like us to send you the Video Release ABSOLUTELY FREE, you can let us know your email in the subscription box above right.


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