Join into my Radio Interview with Doug Evans – 2011 Success Update for Your Ideal Life

by Sharyn on December 2, 2010

I am looking forward to joining the sensational Doug Evans on Radio.  
We will be discussing a  range of topics for living your Ideal Life and giving ideas and strategies, particularly now we are so close to 2011.   We all want to end this year with Celebration and Start the New Year with a Big Bang!!
It is so important to get your major decisions in place for the start of the year, have strategies in place so 2 January you are up and running (1 January is a free day!).   On the Radio Show we will be taking you through some concepts for an Awesome Life in 2011.  
We will also be looking at issues to work with those who have had a challenging financial time in 2010 – get your plan in place for 2011 and take charge of your financial life while you live with Awesome Happiness.
US Eastern Standard time Thursday 2 December 3pm, that is Aussie Eastern Daylight time Friday 3 December at 7am
Both Doug and I would love you to be there.
Doug is one of the Sensational 6 from the Book, 61 Lies We Live By.  Both Doug and I enjoy the teachings of the Great Mike Litman, and we come from love of getting people on a Success Track in their lives, both in business and personally.  Doug is a Coach and CPA in the US as well as having a very balanced personal life – including wood carving.  From what I hear, he lives a life of Awesome Happiness as do I.
You can also watch the replay at
“Do it now and really do your best just as we both know you can”
Here’s to Your Awesome Happiness.
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