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My Coaches, Mentors and Inspiration………

My Online Coach

I gratefully acknowledge in particular Brian Litman, without whom this website would not exist.  Brian has given me guidance and support with amazing patience.  He has shown me, and in fact continues to show me what coaching is all about.   My very grateful thanks.     For anyone wanting to be an online coach in your area of expertise, I recommend Brian to you, just email me and I will give further details.

More Coaching

Dr Philip Humbert, whose wisdom is just lovely:   I have been receiving an email from Philip every week now for probably going on ten years.  I look forward to them, I learn from them, I am inspired by them and by Philip.  I am enjoying Philip’s online personal development coaching this year and it has helped me immensely.    Philip E. Humbert, PhD, Author, Speaker, Success Strategist  “”   

In getting straight talk for online presence, Justin and Chaunna Brooke at Sitefling are good value.

My First Coach – my one on one with Anthony Robbins

Many years ago I went to an Anthony Robbins seminar in Sydney called Unleash the Power Within, and yes walking on the burning coals was not something that I was going to do, but I did.  And I am so glad I did this, as from that time I knew I could do anything.   At that seminar I was so impressed that Tony was able to show on stage how one could very easily get oneself to be able to do anything one wanted to do, even if that thing was something ingrained as being something that you would never want to willingly do.   I saw him work this on a young lady who was a talented aspiring actress, who had major blockages when she had to learn her lines.  You can imagine how this was causing great problems for her!   At the time I enjoyed my construction and property work but I absolutely hated the administration and paperwork that I was required to do, and subsequently this built up and was very damaging to my business that I left administrative work that was important.

A year later I went to the same Seminar with Anthony Robbins with the strongest belief that he was going to pick me out nearly 4,000 people to be brought up on stage and to do the same demonstration on me.  I mentally worked on this doing visualisations and everything I had learnt at the previous seminar and since through reading personal development books.   I was totally confident that he would pick me, AND HE DID.  

The demonstration included him getting me in “state” and how I could do his for myself to achieve my desired results; it included working through the modalities that were strongest for me to use for my own ability to get myself to easily do anything I wanted, even things that I hated, like paperwork.    Up on stage, and I was there with him for just over an hour, he went through the process to even have me hating something I loved, like my construction work, he then showed me and the audience through me, how I could have myself actually love to do something that I was totally previously disempowered to do, ie admin and the hated paperwork.   Of course, he then gave me back the love of construction work.

I have not been the same since.  I can now tackle successfully anything I want.   I have enjoyed amazing success in life because of this in business, career, sailing boats out at sea, flying planes – including solo, and so much more.


We are so lucky to have amazing people who pass on their experiences and knowledge in personal development

Mike Litman, the amazing motivator, master in getting you to Take Action

Brian Tracy, my long term inspiration through his books over the past twenty years (or more!)

Dr John Demartini, philosopher and teacher who makes me think and has that wow factor – if you want to do values work, he is your man

Michael Domeyko Rowland, interesting practical concepts leading the way in Australia and has introduced me to Voice Dialogue

Hal and Sydra Stone, if you want to really know yourself, Voice Dialogue is amazing

Deepak Chopra, wonderful wisdom and life teachings

Dr Phil McGrath, what can I say!   Dr Phil may not appeal to everyone, but he has certainly got people to think “Do you want to be right, or do you want to be happy?”

David Riklan, I have been following SelfGrowth for ages and always enjoy the community and information.

There are many, many others to whom we owe inspiration, and to whom I am so grateful.   We will be adding to this list as this website matures.

Let me know if you would like further information on any of the above Masters, or an expert in your particularly area of concern.  I am happy to recommend people or books which may assist.

And just for my own indulgence, I thank all the cats in my life, including the adored Budapest (Bud) and Sydney (Syd), but no kidding my cats have throughout my life brought me great pleasure.