Improve My Relationship – You hold the Key

by Sharyn on July 3, 2010

It is important to improve your relationship every day, and this way you will not be in a position where you have to Save Your Relationship!

Relationships can be delicate, but have definite opportunities to be successful – there is so much you can do to make this happen.  The most important thing if a relationship is lacking is for you to start the ball rolling on getting it better.   

I don’t have time to work on my relationship!

We think we are so short of time, even if really this is not true (we will deal with this in another post).    As far as your relationship goes, it is not really the work/live balance that hangs it all together, although this is relevant, but it is how you and your partner relate to each other and each other’s needs when enjoying that valuable time together.    Real communication – this is so important.   It is not the amount of talking but the depth to which you can communicate feelings and thoughts.   And on the subject of feelings, it is good to show emotion, however consider the values of the other person, everyone has different levels of emotion which they feel are ‘safe’ and at a level that they are not embarrassed.   Some men are actually thrown mentally into chaos and find it hard to cope with highly emotional women, so if this is the case and you want good results in your relationship, be aware of this.

Why don’t we “get on” better?

The first question you need to ask is what are your values, and how do those values align with those of the person with whom you are having the relationship;  this question is dealt with in our Free Report “Why you should reclaim your life now”, in which we give you 3 practical solutions for getting back on track with your relationship.     If you see that your values are quite different to those of your partner, there is work to be done.    They can be adjusted in many cases, however the technique for this requires work on your part.    It is important to have common short term and long term goals based on your common values.    

Look at the “big picture”

How are you behaving in the relationship – take a God’s eye view, you will find this very interesting.    Can you gently suggest your partner see his behaviour in the same way?   As Dr Phil says, “do you want to be right or do you want to be happy”.  These are big words.     Do either you or your partner have any issues that are not being addressed.   Be understanding of your partner’s issues and also your own.  It is so easy for reasonable people to be considerate, and if you feel this is not happening, get some help from a wise counsel, could be a family member, a friend, or an outside counsellor. 

What can I do TODAY?

Are you fully aware that you are not perfect, and you will not have the perfect partner or the perfect relationship?     This is why we enjoy improving our life each day;   you will be working towards your ideal life by improving your relationships each day.    Each day do something that your partner will enjoy, and the chances are that your partner will reciprocate, and if he does not, there are some tactics that you can use to emphasise the point.   It will also help to get our Free Report offered in the box at the right

A mediocre commitment to your relationships will mean a mediocre life.    Consider your attitude.    When you come together and are in balanced, you will both be so energised and it will be so easy to continue on the path once you get going.

Remember at all times, home is the prize, not the penalty.  Treasure your home accordingly.


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