How to deplete your Money Store – “I’ll do it later”

by Sharyn on February 21, 2011

When you delay things you know you should be doing to get more money, it not only affects your money position and future wealth, but it affects your psychology so you put off other important things in your life.

Whether it is self discipline, procrastination, lack of focus, self control, it does not matter.  When something is to be done, get in and do it now.

Joseph Ferrari, a psychologist at DePaul University, estimates that 25% or Americans are chronic procrastinators who show “habitual delays in meeting deadlines”.  

The very sad thing is that if things are left and not done, they become harder to do, and can often lead to very serious consequences.   Consider not getting your car serviced, it could lead to a very serious accident.  A small amount of time in getting the car to the mechanic could save a huge amount of time in hospital, let alone the pain and suffering.

When it comes to money, most of us know what is good for us, it is just that we do not do it when we should, and this can lead to not doing it at all.    For many important things, what we do will not only reap a reward in the future, but we will be proud that we have done what we should, and this is great for your self-confidence.  Be careful of those things that we see as a benefit now, many times they are the things that should be put off. 

Don’t muddle through your life thinking you can do important things later, while getting immediate gratification for unimportant things – it is a horrible way to live your life, and certainly will not improve your life.

You can improve your life immensely just by taking the time every day to prioritise the things you need to get done, then the important things will get done first.  Make sure you have some priorities listed for doing those things that will stock up your Money Store.    This can be done a number of ways, particularly having a priority for the day not to spend any unnecessary money and to work on those things that bring in the $$$.


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