How to Charm Anyone – Pt 2

by Sharyn on December 5, 2010

5 Ways to be Charming

We continuing on from our previous post where we discussed this topic and the great information from Brian Tracy.

1.   We have already dealt with the first way to be charming with Acceptance.

2.   Appreciation:  Whenever you express appreciation to others for something they have done, small or large, their self esteem increases.  They feel more conpetent and capable.  Their self image improves and their self respect soars.  And how do you trigger this wonderful feeling to others?  It is simple.  You say “thank you” on every occasion, for any large or small reason.

I can wholly support this and it is so easy to do this.  Not like Acceptance, I find it hard to follow Brian’s advice on Acceptance and am still working on this.

There is nothing more demoralising than doing something for someone, particularly considering you have used your time, that is a part of your life, and then not receiving acknowledgement.   This leads on to the next point Brian gives us.

3.   Approval:  It is said that “babies cry for it, men die for it.”  Throughout life, all humans have a deep subconscious need for approval of their actions and accomplishments.  No amount of approval ever satisfies for long.  The need is ongoing, like the need for food and rest.  People who continually seek opportunities to express approval are welcome wherever they go.  Perhaps the best definition of approval is “praise”.  Just remember, whenever you praise other people for something they have done, their self esteem is elevated.

This is a great point and again not hard to implement, however we would add that when giving praise it must be honest and sincere.  Do not make the mistake of being fake just for your own approval.

The final two points will follow


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