How to Achieve Anything You Want to Improve Your Life – 7 Steps

by Sharyn on September 20, 2010

I have been having the experience of moving home.  Not just from one place to another in the same city, but from the city of 4million to an “outback” city nearly five hours away of nearly 40,000.  I plan to ultimately move to a small farm in the area, so this is the start of a grand adventure, and something I have wanted to do for a while.  The opportunity was put right in my lap, I took up the challenge, and the adventure and best part is about to begin.   So I do walk the talk to improve your life and live my dream.

The challenge to get to my “outback” city has been very demanding.   Selling my house in the big city of Sydney has been difficult, but did work out very well.  The place I am moving to is called Orange, and the house I have bought there came on the market just as I needed it, and it was perfect for me.    As well as a nice house that have now fully renovated in the style that I want, a big attraction was an office separate to the house, so now I can work from home, but not in my home.   Just ideal for me.

So how do you Achieve Anything!

1)    Know what you want clearly, see it, hear it, but most important, feel it.   When I arrived in Orange the first time, I could feel that this was the place I was looking for.  I am not really a visual person.  It was more the sounds and the feeling that attracted me to this particular place.

2)    Keep open to all opportunities.  Improve your outlook, keep around people who stretch you, motivate you and improve your outlook.

3)    Being in the state of mind at all times keeps you open to opportunity.  The first step for this is your physiology.   Your physiology will determine your state so be careful when you slump, this will put you in a bad state.

4)    Important to your state is your focus.  Focus at all times on what you are doing in the moment, however you can also have a background focus for your dream goal.

5)    Build up momentum for your dream, goal or whatever it is you want.    First step, what words do you use, be positive and happy towards your goal.  Anxiety causes depression so stay away from this.  Be generous.   Be part of your community, connect and be generous.   Be prepared to carry the load.

6)    Make your world large, don’t be stingy!  If you allow your world to become smaller and smaller there will be a lot less chance of your goal eventuating.

7)    Have youthful and generous dreams.  Generosity keeps you mind, spirit and heart big.   

Work on the above, and let go, allow your physiology, focus and momentum get to work for you and you will Achieve Anything you Want and Improve Your Life.

By the way, think of me with my final and most difficult challenge, moving my beloved cats, Budapest and Sydney (Bud and Syd), and settling them into their new home!


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