How can I Improve My Life Financially?

by Sharyn on July 20, 2010

Where ever you are in your financial situation, you can improve, and every day should be an easy improvement on the next in working towards your Financial Freedom.  I emphasise the word freedom.  It is of absolutely no value to your life and certainly not an improvement if you do better financially at the expense of your life. 

Do not make my mistakes.  I built up a company to a $35,000,000 turnover, had an amazing lifestyle, but it was not my life.   I became so absorbed in managing my business and building it bigger and bigger, that I completely lost track of who I was.  I became owned by the ambition I had and I lost my freedom.

Do you wonder where your money goes?.  Do you spend or even give away too much money and not have the savings you think you should?    Where are you values?  If I asked you what was most important to you, what would you say – would it be high up on the list that having a comfortable financial life is one of your top three values?   If it is not, maybe you should make it a value.   To give you an example, if your top value is to raise great kids, maybe you can then add a value second on your list – to handle your finances in such a way that you will have whatever money is needed for your children’s education and well being.   With this value supporting your value to raise great kids, you will be empowered to work on your finances and take away the stress later on when you need that financial strength for the kids.

Do you have something stopping you from having a great financial future?   I only discovered recently that although I was able to earn large sums of money from my successful businesses, that I was hopeless in saving money.   I could invest as long as the money was tied up, but any money I had available would be ‘gotten rid of’ either my spending or by giving money away.    This happens to many people.   Where my issue came from was that when I was a child, a small boy was kidnapped after his parents had won the lottery.  He was subsequently murdered when the kidnappers found out that his parents had contacted the police.  I remember hearing my parents say “he would be alive if his parents had not have won the lottery”.  Subsequently all my life, without knowing it, I subconsciously associated money with death – how disempowering is this!   Luckily, at a seminar with a great psychologist, Paul Blackburn, I discovered this hidden belief.   It was such a relevation and so liberating for me that I have not looked back since and am now able to counter this stupid belief. 

I now have a great strategy which gives me financial freedom on a lot less income than I had before.    So every day you can Improve your Life towards Your Financial Freedom

Contact me if you would like more information on this topic, or want to discuss your situation.    We will have more information on values on this website.   Also you can receive our free mini-ebook by completing the contact box above.

cheers,   Sharyn

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