Happiness – what is it? Have you got it? You can you know!

by Sharyn on November 10, 2010

Happiness is not an accident, nor is it something you wish for.  Happiness is something you design.  Jim Rohn

I received an email today from Global1, who bring Dr John Demartini to Australia.  I immediately thought of you and how these thoughts could improve your life.  I have gained so much from two very short sessions held by John Demartini, and amazing – both were free.  In fact I have never done a paid seminar with him, probably because he is so generous with his time.  I have purchased some of his books and tapes, and I really do recommend his philosophies to you.  

Gaining Awesome Happiness for me, such a gift, came from John Demartini.   This was the final crown on my very happy life.   I agree with John Demartini and know that Life is Perfect.  I am living my ideal life, and this gives me awesome happiness that I did not believe possible.  I want this for you.   

Leading up to that final crown, the aha! revelation to the perfect life, will be discussed in a later article as firstly we need to start at the beginning of the process to improve your life.

These are the questions that John Demartini asks every day to ensure he keeps moving closer to achieving his dreams in his financial life – we have adapted these for all areas to Improve Your Life:

1)  What would I absolutely love to do in Life?

2)  Who do I need to help me with this?  And if one of your dreams is around your finances ask – How do I become handsomely or beautifully paid to do it?

3)  What are the seven highest priority action steps I could complete today that would enable me to do it?

4)  What obstacles might I run into and how do I solve them in advance?

5)  What worked and what didn’t work today?

6)  How do I do what I would love more effectively and efficiently?

7)  How did whatever I experienced today – whether positive or negative, serve me?

It is the last question that makes all the difference, however you must answer the others in order to get to the end.

These questions can apply to any area of your life;  if you want to be more specific you can use these questions for your financial life, relationships, career, your own business, or even looking great with style and fitness.

The important thing about these questions is that you don’t ask them once and expect your life to change.  The quality of your questions does determine the quality of your life, as Tony Robbins keeps telling us, and now also Dr Phil.  Like most things in life you need repetition and consistency to reap the richest rewards and get to that perfect life and Your Awesome Happiness.

We will go into detail on these questions in the next Article, look at how to apply each question and what each question will achieve for you.

Do it now, and do your best.



Caring and Sharing in Improve Your Life Academy

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