Getting What you want – The Next Step

by Sharyn on October 7, 2010

In our previous article we spoke about Step 1 as being choosing one BIG dream or goal – this we will now refer to as your Dream Goal.  Now we look at the importance of breaking down your dream goal into achievable chunks, tasks, action steps. 

Have you chosen your Dream Goal and is your focus on this goal morning, noon and night?   If not – DO NOT PROCEED UNTIL YOU HAVE!

To know that you will achieve your dream goal, you must live it, breath it, know it is going to happen, Nothing Else is an Option.    You must be motivated constantly to the achievement of your dream goal, and the ingredients of successful motivation are energy, persistence and variability – but more about motivation in later steps.

We must now deal with Step 2, and that is the breaking down the goal into achievable chunks of tasks and action steps.

Step 2 – How to Make your Plan:      This is such a major and important step.   This is where a dream goal becomes achievable.    The completion of each piece of your plan is where you will make progress to achieve your dream goal.    You now need to break up your dream goal into achievable chunks.

Everyone has a different personality, however as a Virgo, I am very pedantic and I therefore break down my chunks into very small pieces.    These small pieces would drive some people crazy, but this works for me.   In my process, I break down my dream goal into “achieve monthly chunks”, then “achieve weekly chunks” and at the beginning of each week I do a breakdown task for each day, and I am relaxed if I miss a day, as long as the goal for the week is reached.   Sometimes something is beyond my control and I just cannot get the weekly goal met, this is when I look for alternatives to catch up with my program for achievement of the goal.   I wonder whether the chunks I have chosen are working, should I make some changes to get me back on course?   I also consider how I could speed things up.  

If my Plan is not working I change it, the Dream Goal is that much closer from me having tried and learnt from the effort.

With every chunk, you must have the end in mind being the achievement of your dream goal.   The most important reason for this is to keep you motivated when you have to do something that you do not like, is boring, or in some cases you have to do something that you would so much prefer to avoid.   It is the end result to achieve your dream goal that will keep you on course.

I come from a background being a property developer and builder.     I love the process of building, however there have been times when a subcontractor was not performing as he should, the contractual arrangements not being met, and I would need to replace this subcontractor.   Subcontractors could get very stroppy about such things, and sometimes there would be angry words regardless of my patience with the situation.   I knew that the end result was the completion of the building and that was my planned achievement.    So any issue in dealing with an individual subcontractor would be no problem for me regardless of the unpleasantness of this chunk required to achieve my goal.  

So, start preparing your plan.   And it must be on paper.   A written plan is the only option.

Let me know what your Dream Goal is.  

If you have any question on making your Plan, just comment below.


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