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by Sharyn on August 23, 2010

Do you think, “there is no way I would have charisma?”  Do you think charisma is for important people, or beautiful people, or famous people – wrong, wrong, wrong!

Charisma and Important People

There are an awful lot of important people who do not have charisma.   Then, think about the people around you.  Do you know someone who has charisma and that person is not important in that big sense of the word, I certainly do.  As an aside, when we think about the word “important” we must also consider that everyone is important to somebody, and not everybody has charisma.

Charisma and Beautiful People

What about one of the most charismatic people in the world, Mother Theresa, in the traditional sense of the word she may not have been considered one of the beautiful people, so beauty in appearance sense is not it.  Again this leads us to consider but was Mother Theresa beautiful in the larger sense of the word – she surely was!

Charisma and Famous People

There are many charismatic people that are not famous, so this is certainly not it.

Charisma and You

If you do not think you are charismatic, why don’t you put some effort into becoming a person with Charisma.   “Yes you can!”   It is not hard to do, and in fact can be fun, particularly if you have an important goal to improve your relationships, or even a particular relationship with a special person.    If having great relationships is high in your values structure, this will be very important for you to achieve. 

A definition “strong attractive personal quality:  a strong personal quality that makes other people like you and be attracted to you” – how do you think this would be for your relationships.   If this were your characteristic, you would be able to have great relationships, personal or business.

What to do next?

Today:    With every person you meet today, consider them the most important person you will ever meet.    Concentrate on what they say, pay attention to their needs and generally give them your undivided attention.   If you do get used to doing this, I promise you that other people will see you the same, and will in turn be attracted to you.   Repeat this process at least one day a week, and then more often, until it becomes second nature.   This of course only works with other rational people, it should not be attempted in disfunctional relationships.

For the next week:    Concentrate on your listening skills.  Charisma is in the eye of the beholder, and another person will consider you charismatic if you are showing that you are intently interested in what they are saying.

Once you develop these skills, it will become second nature, after which the following may apply to you:

Another definition “the ability to inspire enthusiasm, interest or affection in others by means of personal charm and influence”

Just imagine what this would do to improve your relationships.    The great thing is that just getting started on this course today will encourage charisma as part of your being – what does this do to Improve Your Life.


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