Don’t Forget! Are your goals aligned with your Values?

by Sharyn on October 15, 2010

To recap, we have so far covered Step 1 and Step 2 of the 7 Step Process to “Get what you want – and How to Get It”.    The 7 Steps will Improve your Life like you would not believe.  If you follow these Steps, they will work every time.

Step 1 – Know what you want absolutely and really – read the post below for further information……..

Step 2 – How to Make Your Plan – read our post, and tailor your plan to your personality, we are happy to help you with this.

We have to stop here with these steps to remind you of the importance of Values.

People wonder why they make New Year’s Resolutions and forget them the next week…………..

Do you go to great seminars, make the ‘compulsory goals’ then get back out into the big wide world and forget the whole thing…………

Have you made a goal because you think it is absolutely what you want, and as hard as you try, it just does not happen……………..

The reason for this is fully explained in our free Report ‘Reclaim Your Life’.

In order to have everything you want, before we get into Steps 3 – 7 it is important that you read the Free Report now.

Just complete the Sign in Box on the Right…………………This Report will Improve Your Life.

Happy to talk anytime with you on this subject as without having your goals aligned with your values – your goals will be so hard, if not impossible to achieve!



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