Are you unhappy that something has just finished for you?

by Sharyn on July 18, 2010

Sometimes we face things that appear to us to be ‘the end of an experience’ and it may not be what we want.

It could be the end of a marriage, end of a relationship, you might have lost your job, the loss of a business, bankruptcy, or even death of a close person.

This can make us feel broken, and it seems like the end of an era, the ending of a great time in your life.  You may feel very sad, guilty, or even that you do not deserve this situation.

Just remember that it is not completion of your destiny!!  You are not finished;  it is the beginning for You.  

After the ending of one thing, there is the beginning of a much better thing.  This is one of the many reasons that a philosophy to Improve Your Life is so valid and important.    Some people at this time are disappointed, bewildered, feeling rejected, have feelings of guilt;  they just do not see the revelation of things to come and the exciting opportunities.  They just see the finish.

What are you facing, maybe the end of a relationship, wow I know how you feel and the times I felt this way I wish I had have known what I know now!

My destiny was not fulfilled, I certainly had a greater beginning, and it lead to such magnificent times ahead.   It is so sad that people consider something is over and consider it is the end.  Don’t have a spirit of defeat, have a spirit of this being just a stage in your destiny, part of your story.    Do not let another person or an event rob you from enjoying the time in your life, not one minute.   This is your life and it is truly your making and will be magnificent once you learn how to deal with the events you will experience.

Consider the people around you.  I heard the analogy of a person on an escalator/moving footway, who was afraid to get off, but once they did they just stopped for a few minutes.  Imagine the chaos behind as people were stuck behind them still on the moving footway, these people were in real trouble trying to walk backward……….don’t do this to the people in your life, keep moving forward, work to Improve your Life everyday.

Every day has a transition from one day to the next and that is night time, a time for sleep and re-energisation.   Truly live every minute in the present, and when you go to bed at night, let go of the day completely and know that tomorrow will be another wonderful day to enjoy whatever is going to occur, it is your Life.    Believe in your future, believe the best.   There will be many endings in our life, these are just making way for the new beginnings.    When you learn to experience and know that everything is perfect you will feel strong and perfect in your own Life.   Your life is an adventure, it will have its ups and downs, just like the seasons – you would not want to stop everything just because summer is finished, it is just making way for a beautiful colorful autumn.


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