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Sharyn Aiken is an Australian, currently from the beautiful Northern Beaches of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.   She has always had a desire to live in the Australian country outback, and has turned this desire into reality being in the process of moving to the Central Tablelands City of Orange, which is about four hours from the capital city of Sydney.   “I fell in love with Orange when I was working with the Federal Government in 2009 developing social housing in the region – it was an exciting time generally.   I have absolutely loved the Northern Beaches and will now live another dream in Orange.   Naturally I intend to come back to the Beaches regularly to get a ‘breath of sea air’.

Sharyn built up a Property Development and Construction company from scratch to an annual turnover of $35million, and a staff increase from just Sharyn alone to a large workforce covering employees, consultants and sub-contractors, from professionals to tradesmen.  She has had the opportunity to have great associates, mentors and coaches, to network many relationships and to build rapport across many different walks of business and professional life.    As well as becoming one of Australia’s first female licenced builders, Sharyn has studied law, accountancy, equities trading, construction, business management, real estate management and marketing.    Since Sharyn’s personal financial crisis in the previous economic recession, she has intensively studied personal development, which she believes has been the reason solely that she was able to get back her life, financial, business and personal. 

Wanting to have diversification of income and assets, and particularly after her studies in accounting, equities, currency and commodities trading, Sharyn spent two years as a full time trader, and was pleased that her trading plan got her out of the markets in July 07, and back in Aug 09.

Today, Sharyn today enjoys working with her property clients as a development and construction project manager, whilst trading when markets are suitable, in her new passion of internet publishing also marketing, and loves working with people towards their perfect life as a wealth and life coach. 

Sharyn sees herself as having always been wealthy whether thriving in her Property Development business or surviving after the early 90s crash where she lost just about every asset (one of the cars – an MGB, and her beloved cats got her through – you know who your friends are!).   She strongly believes however that life is best in having as much financial wealth with which one is comfortable and can live with to suit one’s values structure.  She loves to work with people towards this goal.

 “I so much want to pass on the knowledge and experience I have built up over many years running businesses in diversified areas and building up a wealthy life in all ways possible.   I am loving the joys and challenges in adapting to the exciting times of the future, whilst using my experience in business and personal development to work with clients so they can take advantage of today’s knowledge and maximise their own life adventure”.
Sharyn’s heart goes out to people going through crisis, particularly women, and having faced financial ruin and getting back on top, also having faced relationship loss, but getting through many challenging times, Sharyn believes that with her experience and extensive study of personal development with many masters in the world, she has the opportunity to help others to achieve their perfect life as she has. 

The Academy is the ideal place for people to develop their Ideal Life and enjoy the perfection that is achievable for the rest of their Life to come.   We welcome all inquiries so we can give back the amazing benefits in Life we have received.

Contact Details:   Sharyn Aiken, 26 Lyly Road, Allambie Heights, Northern Beaches, Sydney Australia

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